Apr. 16th, 2010


Apr. 16th, 2010 10:10 pm
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# I'm thinking about having a break from reading the newsfeed, because it mostly makes me feel angry and a bit hopeless. On the other hand, that's the world I really live in.
# Among the main topics which actually interest me are two 'child' topics. One is the boy sent from USA to Russia on the plane by his foster parents, and the whole fiasco about whether or not stop foreign adoption. It sucks, because I don't know why his foster parents decided to do it, and decided to do it this way, but there are literally hundreds of thousands of children in orphanage right now, and they don't have any chance in life at all unless they are adopted, in Russia or abroad.
The second is a poor disabled mom whose daughted was almost taken away from her because she can't keep the flat clean with her disability, and is, as said above, poor. The weird thing is, if the mom received the exact sum that is planned on a single kid in an orphanage daily (at least according to the official documents), she'd have enough to be spared the problems she has now.
# The thing that makes me angry is that during Week Against Homophobia in Ekaterinburg, there was an extremist act on one seminar: a few masked people burst into the room and threw the smoke bombs. It happened only a week after the bombing in Moscow metro. Every day, there are news about how another thing was mistaken for a bomb somewhere. There's NOT ONE WORD about smoke bombs in E-burg. Nowhere in the news.
# I'm looking into new job perspectives. It's difficult because at first sight, it's impossible to find a job which is a) interesting to me, b) suited to my talents and issues, and c) pays well. But I think it exists.
# Ashes to Ashes airs today. Can't wait for the intrigue development. (And hope for some new stuff like dancing Gene Hunt.)
# Doctor Who tomorrow - the Daleks aren't my cup of tea, really, but the teasers look nice. Also, the episode after that - River Song! And the Doctor knows who she is, now! Oh, the drama.
# The last episode of Torchwood Virtual Series is brilliant. The only wish I have left is to see the whole series on screen.


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