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I've just downloaded the latest episode of Doctor Who (yes, I leave in a country where you have a choice of either download stuff from torrents or wait for ages for a legal copy), but I am not watching River Song being awesome. Which is weird because I should, but a) I want to work some more, and b) I want to finish my re-run of Criminal Minds first. What the hell happened to my priorities?

I'm watching series 3 to 5 back to back. Watching things back to back helps to see the thematic development, all the small cues that you know will develop into something later, or big things that were predicted before but you missed it, or aftershocks from the big things from the past. And it makes me feel a special fannish hunger.

It's the kind of hunger which makes you want things that were mentioned but never expanded to be expanded in all the details, and things that never happened but are possible or probable or improbable but interesting to happen. That's what fanfiction is for. To satisfy this hunger. Only in Criminal Minds fandom, it is tantalizing becaus this hunger can never be satisfied by fanfiction. And some things will never be satisfied in canon (which is part of what makes this canon so awesome, but also makes me a little sad and hungry).

Mostly, I want romance. I'm a sucker for romance, and I feel guilty about it all too often, and the I remember all the feministic and patriarchal implications of this guilt and refuse to feel it because romance isn't bad per se. Wanting romance isn't being stupid and emotional and shallow and female. It's just wanting romance. So yes, I want romance in Criminal Minds - not the kisses-and-roses kind of romance taking all the screen time, but small things like JJ and Will. Like early Hotch and Haley. Like Gideon and Sarah. And Penelope and Kevin - oh yes!
On the other hand, I sort of want some big love storyline. With someone from the team falling in love and dealing with it and with their job and the team's reaction. I want it to be either Prentiss or Hotch, because they are the two characters whom I'm interested in most of all at the moment.

Actually, I secretly want it to be Prentiss and Hotch, though it can't happen on the show, not ever. But I still like to think about it. I even read some fanfiction, but it never satisfy the hunger I have about this couple, because it's never perfect. I like their friendship turning into something other (I hate phrasing 'something more', love isn't more than friendship, love is different), but I can't see them being sappy. And one of the two good fics I've found about them is spoiled by Prentiss willingly and readily leaving the BAU, the department she fought so hard to be in, to get married and have kids. No. Just no. Not in this show, not in this team.

There should be some point in this entry, but I can't find it. All I can say in the terms of ending the entry, Prentiss is awesome. And hot as hell. And she feels to me like bi leaning gay, but with a huge crush on Hotch. Which makes her somehow even more awesome and hot.
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