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May. 15th, 2010 01:27 pm
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I suddenly discovered that I'm more invested in the plot and character development of Ashes to Ashes that that of Doctor Who. Maybe it's because in A2A, it's the grand finale, second-to-last episode just aired, and it is brilliant. And I've waited for tonight's episode of DW but god bloody spoiled too much and not that interested now.
Really, I want to know what Gene Hunt is and what happened to Sam Tyler and how it ends for Alex, I can't wait till next week - but I'm afraid that they will lose it in the last episode. This tension, this energy of the mystery... Well, they did well in Life on Mars (except for that scene after the jump, I still think the jump was the best place to end on though I adore Annie/Sam) but will it go that well for A2A?

Unrelated: sometimes I have a feeling that I watch two tv-shows, one filmed in the UK and the other in US, because I'm in the phase where you know the faces of all guest stars and actors in background roles and know the names of many of them. Really. The one person I keep seeing way too often is Yellow-Eyed Demon from Supernatural; I always think there are be the Winchester brothers somewhere nearby.

Speaking of Supernatural, I can't but remember RTD's famous recommendation for Torchwood fangirls dissappointed by CoE. Oh, the irony!
Also, I haven't seen it yet but judging from the spoilers, the God in this universe is a nerd writing cheap horror novels and sleeping with a slash fan. Really. Self-insertion much, Eric Kripke?
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