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I'm watching Sharpe (for the fourth time, I think), and can't but notice how in the first episode, Teresa, the love interest of the main character, is dressed and behaves. She's a partisan, a leader of guerilla. She wears comfortable man's clothing - throusers, shirts, a high wide scarf-belt, a lot of layers of clothing. She has long hair tied in a simple ponytail - so is her uncle. Nothing in her clothing shows her female curves. Even when she has to go flirt with some soldiers to get into the town they guard, she wears a skirt and a shawl over her usual dress. The only scene some parts of her are naked is the scene where she makes love to Sharpe, and even then, we see only her shoulders and a hint of her breasts. The scene is still erotic and emotionally loaded, but it's all in the actor's work, their gazes and gestures, not in their bodies.

By the way, another moment of interest was the 'no means no' scene. Teresa takes Sharpe by the hand and takes him to her room. They kiss and sit on the bed. Then she tenses and says that she can't have sex with him, not yet (she is interested, but not ready). Without any arguement, he takes a deep breath, kisses her hand and leaves. Next time, he also waits for her to initiate intimacy.
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