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I've developed a new squick lately: if the characters pay a lot of attention to the fact that they are having penetrating sex for the first time, it turns me off from the scene, and sometimes from the entire story. It's interesting because some time ago (several years ago, when I was new to both NC-17 fanfiction and sex) it was my kink. Now, it makes me all 'meh' and 'bored now', and I scroll down or close the window.
I suppose it has something to do with getting rid of heteronormative paradigm which puts penetrating sexual interaction on a pedestal of Real Sex, and first time is considered Something Special, especially for the one being penetrated. I shared this concept, which is funny because while I was all for first time and penetration being special, I never felt it as special in my own experience. The only thing that makes it any different is that you have to put some more thought into logistics and preparation than, say, for petting/frottage.
Now, if the characters make a Big Deal out of the fact that they are having the Real Stick In The Hole Sex OMG, I have a sudden feeling that I'm reading some sort of bodice-ripper. I can cut some slack for the characters who were entirely straight and unexperienced and very heteronormative (in J2 AUs, for example). But when it's Jack and Ianto it feels almost as OOC to me, and also have a reaction along the lines of 'don't put this heteronormative shit into my non-heteronormative very transgressive queer couple'. (And if it's Jack who makes a Big Deal it is OOC.)
It doesn't help that in the stories where the characters make a big deal out of penetration, they often also make a big deal of who is on top. And making a big deal of who is on top (and/or having fixed positions) is another deal breaker for me because it's also too heteronormative. I had enough of this stuff in anime fandom where the discussion of seme/uke is a big part of fannish discourse and of characterization. Once again, I don't care about it in real life - why should I care for it in fiction? Also, how does the preference of sexual positions correlate with the character exactly? Often, the character who is the top is also 'the man' in the relationship, bossy and dominant and rational, and the bottom is 'the woman', weak and emotional and submissive, and here we go into mysogynistic shit. Thanks but no thanks.
I think that Torchwood fandom is doing better than most - in this fandom, the heteronormative stories aren't that often, and there are a lot of stories with diverse sexual characterization. I suppose it actually prompted the development of my squick because in my previous fandoms, heteronormative/fixed sexual characterization was a norm and I was so used to it I didn't notice how much it bothers me. Now, it does.

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I'm watching Sharpe (for the fourth time, I think), and can't but notice how in the first episode, Teresa, the love interest of the main character, is dressed and behaves. She's a partisan, a leader of guerilla. She wears comfortable man's clothing - throusers, shirts, a high wide scarf-belt, a lot of layers of clothing. She has long hair tied in a simple ponytail - so is her uncle. Nothing in her clothing shows her female curves. Even when she has to go flirt with some soldiers to get into the town they guard, she wears a skirt and a shawl over her usual dress. The only scene some parts of her are naked is the scene where she makes love to Sharpe, and even then, we see only her shoulders and a hint of her breasts. The scene is still erotic and emotionally loaded, but it's all in the actor's work, their gazes and gestures, not in their bodies.

By the way, another moment of interest was the 'no means no' scene. Teresa takes Sharpe by the hand and takes him to her room. They kiss and sit on the bed. Then she tenses and says that she can't have sex with him, not yet (she is interested, but not ready). Without any arguement, he takes a deep breath, kisses her hand and leaves. Next time, he also waits for her to initiate intimacy.


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