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Aug. 7th, 2010 10:07 pm
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The forests are on fire. Moscow is covered with smog and smoke and slowly suffocating.
And now all his is coming to the city I'm currently living in. Today, the streets are filling with smoke and the smell of something burning...

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Nikolai Nikifirov, a poet who was staying over at Ilya’s place, claims to have heard Ilya [Trushevsky] and an as-of-yet-unnamed friend of his assaulting the girl in the next room, and posted an account of what he says went down on LiveJournal. Most of it is so graphic that we couldn’t print the details.
The Roman Polanski Humanitarian Award: Ilya Trushevsky & other recipients

In addition, Winzavod, a well-known Moscow art gallery, awarded Trushevsky a 'Moral Support' award.

Victory Day

May. 7th, 2010 04:54 pm
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As I will be offline until onday, I'm writing this post today.

May 9 is the Victory Day, Den' Pobedy, the day of Victory over Nazi Germany. It's the day I celebrate personally because though I was born long after the Great Patriotic War (Second World War for those outside of the former USSR), and no one among the relatives I know personally was a soldier then, I still feel personal connection to that war and that day.
Mostly, I feel it because I know exactly that if the USSR lost in that war, I won't be born, ever. My father is Jewish. He was a child than, safe in evaquation - he would be dead. My mother's parents come from Belarus and Ukraine. She was born after the war - she wouldn't be born.
Also, I've read enough of books like The Diary of Anna Frank to imagine quite vivdly what would happen to me if I lived through that war, if I happened to be in ghetto or in concentration camp.
And to end on a more positive note, I've watched so many films and read so many books about that war while growing up that I can't but feel proud for the people who fought, and suffered, and won. Won this war not for the goverment, but for themselves, for their children, for their future. In spite of all the ugly and cruel things the Soviet goverment did to them during and after the war, they still won, and that's what I am celebrating.

Some songs about the Great Patriotic War that fill me with emotion:
Довоенный вальс - Valtz Before the War, a song about the last days of peace.
Священная война - Sacred War, it was written in the beginning of the war, in 1941, and was practically a hymn, filled with rage and determination.
Смуглянка - Smuglyanka, about the partisan movement (and love), a lovely, jolly song despite the grim circumstances.
Нам нужна одна победа (also performed by it's author, Bulat Okudzhava) - We Need One Victory, a song in a melancholy yet decisive mood.
День Победы - Victory Day, the ultimate end-of-the-war song.
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Head of State Duma (main body of Russian goverment) Committee in International Affairs Konstantin Kosachev stated in the interview that Russian goverment basically doesn't want to accept the“Gay Rights” Resolution of Council of Europe Assembly (“Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity”) which it grudgingly signed on April 1st.
He said that it's bad that Russia is forced to:
- educate people on homosexuality and transsexuality
- allow LGBT public events
- register LGBT organisations.
We can't have it. It destroys out 'traditional values'. Gay propaganda is the main threat to Russia. Oh, woe.
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There's a lovely spring flashmob in Moscow, DreamFlash, when people go the the Arbat with soap bubbles. There are all kinds of freaks and fancy dress and fun and additional events like Free Hugs. And there are always LGBT people, with rainbow flags and drawing on their cheeks and so on. It's a gay-friendly all-inclusive flashmob. No politics at all.

This year, some people decided to repeat in in Saint-Petersburg. And some idiots from LGBT community decided not just to go and be openly gay, but to announce it widely in the Internet as 'gay-pride' (though there are political, real gay-prides planned for later in th year in several cities). Result? An OMON squad, people arrested, beaten up, journalist arrested, too, attempts to confiscate cameras and/or to delete pictures and records.

Now, people outside of LGBT community are angry at LGBT. People inside of the LGBT community are angry at the idiots who called it gay-pride.
The interesting thing is, almost nobody says anything really angry against the OMON and goverment. People think it's normal - not good, but normal - to break down a peaceful event just because there are some gays openly participating in it.

Fuck it.


Apr. 13th, 2010 06:37 pm
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# I'm back home after three days at Week Against Homophobia at Moscow. I'm of two minds about it. On one hand, the fact that there is at least some activity is good. On the other hand, it's small, and poorly organized, and mostly visited by lgbt people who talk about how they are oppressed and don't know what to do.
Also, there is a huge rift between a small and loud and scandalous group which tries to organise Gay Pride in Moscow every year since 2006, and always gets arrested for illegal activity, and a quiter educational group. It seems that the 'pride' group, especially their leader, does everything to get the Pride forbidden and themselves arrested, because it makes the news, and they can then cry for help from the West. And the educational group doesn't want to have anything with the Pride's leader because he's scandalous and prone to demagogy.
Oh, and of course, everyone is talking about how the goverment is bad, the society is wrong, there are thousand of problems everywhere, and nobody cares about a handful of queers, so we should sit tight and wait until economics and education and human rights in the country get better.

# Now I want to both do something huge like Harvey Milk and hide in my small fannish escapistic world.

# Speaking of fannish escapism: I love Liz Ten. Basically, she rules.
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Constitutional Court of Russian Federation considers that the law forbidding the 'propaganda of homosexuality' does not contradict the Constitution.

There is no firm definition of 'propaganda', so basically, anything fits - including sexual education programmes and any kind of positive gay visibility in media.

There is no law forbidding homophobic speeches and defamation of homosexuality.

So, basically, any homophobic bigot can say that it is bad and wrong to be homosexual, and all the awful homosexuals are pedophilic deviants, but no one has the legal right to say that homosexuality is a variation of norm, and homosexuals are normal people.

It is one law in one county (oblast), and it is aimed at 'propaganda homosexuality to underage'. But the fact that it exists and is considered contitutional shows how much we 'don't have any discrimination of gays' in Russia, as our goverment stated.


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