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Head of State Duma (main body of Russian goverment) Committee in International Affairs Konstantin Kosachev stated in the interview that Russian goverment basically doesn't want to accept the“Gay Rights” Resolution of Council of Europe Assembly (“Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity”) which it grudgingly signed on April 1st.
He said that it's bad that Russia is forced to:
- educate people on homosexuality and transsexuality
- allow LGBT public events
- register LGBT organisations.
We can't have it. It destroys out 'traditional values'. Gay propaganda is the main threat to Russia. Oh, woe.
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There's a lovely spring flashmob in Moscow, DreamFlash, when people go the the Arbat with soap bubbles. There are all kinds of freaks and fancy dress and fun and additional events like Free Hugs. And there are always LGBT people, with rainbow flags and drawing on their cheeks and so on. It's a gay-friendly all-inclusive flashmob. No politics at all.

This year, some people decided to repeat in in Saint-Petersburg. And some idiots from LGBT community decided not just to go and be openly gay, but to announce it widely in the Internet as 'gay-pride' (though there are political, real gay-prides planned for later in th year in several cities). Result? An OMON squad, people arrested, beaten up, journalist arrested, too, attempts to confiscate cameras and/or to delete pictures and records.

Now, people outside of LGBT community are angry at LGBT. People inside of the LGBT community are angry at the idiots who called it gay-pride.
The interesting thing is, almost nobody says anything really angry against the OMON and goverment. People think it's normal - not good, but normal - to break down a peaceful event just because there are some gays openly participating in it.

Fuck it.


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