Apr. 15th, 2010


Apr. 15th, 2010 10:38 pm
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# Now, with an introduction post done, I feel much better.
# Finished an article about... well, it was supposed to be a follow-up of Week Against Homophobia. It ended up an angry rant about homophobia and conspiracy of silence around lgbt in Russia. Really. You can talk shit about lgbt, it's okay. But you can never talk neutral or positive.
The fact that my previous article on homophobia, send three weeks ago, isn't published yet, while my other articles are published the same week I submit them, doesn't help. And sort of prooves the point.
# Now I'd better go and write a nice informative short follow-up.
# And an essay on lgbt visibility in movies.
# And some Janto D/s porn. Or TW/Equilibrium crossover fluff. Or TW RPS porn. Or something. I feel like my fandom creative part is numb.
# Some person from my blog friends just finished watching Torchwood for the first time. From Everything Changes to Day Five in only a week. I think I was a bit cruel to them - I started talking about how this universe works, and how marvelous is the fact that Jack is a fixed point, from a storytelling point of view, and so on... to a person who'd just watched Children of Earth back to back. So thoughtless of me.
# It reminded me that I still feel a loss of Ianto, and by extention, of Janto, as a loss of something very dear to me, a loss of a small bit of hope. It's weird to look for hope in Torchwood world, in that dark underground of lost souls, but on the otehr hand, in there, hope feels more real than in Doctor Who, where there's always a promise of a happy ending.
# That's why I live in a double, or maybe tripple, world of 1) canon as it is (and I love it, CoE including), 2) my personal happy-happy-joy-joy fanon where in a thousand years, Jack brings Ianto back, and they travel through time and space, and have adventures and fun and lovers (including Alonso), until Ianto dies of old age, and 3) a fanon of whatever well-written fic I'm reading right now. Though the last on is probably the reality every fic reader gets, but the second is my personal escapistic world.


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