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What I really hate about last-days-till-deadline period is that this is the period I get tons of ideas and thoughts all boiling in my head (because my job is intellectual but mechanical at the same time), and I don't have any time to work on them, and they just keep growing.

Now, I suddenly have a desire to write in two more fandoms, both with het pairings which is totally new area for me. Well, not entirely new - but I've been writing slash since my first fanfic (which included a one male/six females orgy and male/male final pairing), and I tend to think of myself as a slasher. So, I feel like I'm walking into a strange land.

Actually, while writing this, I remebered that I have some het stories, or het pairings in multypairing stories. But the only time I had to write about developing het relationship was in a Gwen/Hart bdsm-done-wrong!story, which doesn't quite qualify as experience in writing het.

But do I really have to have experience in writing het? I discovered that it is easier to me to think about the stories if I forget that the characters are of different sex, because then, I plan it like a slash story. On the other hand, being male and female is an important part of their personalities and their dynamic, and I know it. Alex/Gene won't be the same if Alex were male, it would be more like Sam/Gene. Prentiss/Hotch has tons of additional bits to it because of Prentiss being female - a possibility of pregnancy, Hotch's distrust to women...

On the other hand, it makes it all the more interesting. I'm working on my own internalized prejudice this last year - misogyny and heterophobia, among other things - and writing het would be a very useful experience. (I already tried my hand in writing femslash, and made a good job with it in PWP, though now I want to write some long story with adventures and character development and relationship development.)

on 2010-06-02 05:15 pm (UTC)
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It's pretty interesting how romantic dynamics can be affected by the genders of your characters. I personally don't write fan fiction, but I do occasionally write fiction with romantic overtones, and I find writing het love stories different from writing gay or lesbian ones. (I tend to gravitate towards writing lesbian characters, mostly because there's just something about writing two women.)

on 2010-06-03 01:04 pm (UTC)
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I don't think you need experience in writing het, if you've got a story you want to tell then go for it. It can be hard to move out of your writing comfort zone, when i first started writing fic, i kept away from het and femmeslash, because i found myself putting too much of myself into the female characters, and ending up with them feeling too personal. I'm trying to move past that now i'm a little more confident in my writing, and am hoping to write at least a couple of femmeslash and het fics for [community profile] kink_bingo this year. I'll be interested in hearing how yours works out, i love reading about the way people write.

on 2010-06-04 02:24 pm (UTC)
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[community profile] kink_bingo is fun, and it's so low pressure it doesn't stress me out like some challenges.


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